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Capacity Building : The primary focus of capacity building is selection and providing training to the people who are capable of planning, coordinating, acting and intervening where necessary. With better training local teams would be better prepared and able to respond to local disasters too.

“Capacity building”, a contested concept sometimes used interchangeably with “institution building”, “institutional and organizational development” and “institutional capacity building” (Jones and Blunt, 1999;Tadele and Manyena, 2009). The Governments are consciously promoting programs and projects to enhance the capacity of their State and the people to be better prepared to face disasters (OSDMA, 2013). The terms capacity development and capacity building are sometimes used interchangeably (Hagelsteen and Becker, 2013). Capacity building activities like training, establishment of institutions, community bases training, information and coordination sharing under the Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) programme helped in establishment of a more interactive partnership between the different stakeholders involved in development and disaster mitigation related activities of concerned area.