What We Have Achieved So Far.

Planning, Training and Implementation of various aspects of Disaster Risk Management for the Kumbh Mela 2015-16 at Nashik . Kumbh Mela is a mass Hindu piligrimage of faith in which Hindus gather gather to bathe in a sacred river.

  • Preparation of Disaster Management Plan for a Mass Scale gathering of a size of around 15 million + piligrims
  • Venue Assesment -Conducting HVRA of Core area which includes, Outer Parkings, Inner Parkings, Piligrim routes, Shai Marg, Ghats etc.
  • Risk Analysis to mitigate risks.
  • Preparation of Training Modules basis Risk & Vulnerability Analysis.
  • Training of trainers(TOT) on Crowd Management basis above.
  • Training of Constabulary comprising around 15000 personnel to handle such humongous mass gathering.
  • Training of officers.

Prepared Disaster Management Plan for Nashik Collectorate for the Kumbh Mela 2015-16 at Nashik.

Planning, Training & Implementation for Shirdi Trust and Shirdi Police Personnel in Crowd and Disaster Risk Management for Shri Sai Baba Mahasamadhi Centenary Ceremony to be held at Shirdi 2017-2018

  • Conducting Hazard, Risk, Vulnerability, Capacity Analysis(HRVC) of Shirdi
  • Developing Risk Mitigation Plans and Evacuation Plans.
  • Resource positioning Plan.
  • Training of Police Personnel in Disaster Risk Management and Crowd Management
  • Conducting Table Top Exercises and Mock drills periodically to test the Preparation Level of the Personnel.

Urban Crime and Violence Prevention Project with Nashik Police Commissionrate and Nashik IG Police

  • Currently we are associated with the Nashik City Police and Nashik Rural Police in Urban Crime & Violence Prevention Program in which College based Crime & Violence Prevention plays a major part. College violence prevention efforts are an important part of a comprehensive community safety strategy as there is a strong connection between College violence, Community wellbeing and Social capital. In fact College violence is a subset of Community Crime and Violence. As a result, increased levels of College violence may result in increased levels of overall crime and violence in the community. Educators can assist the network of institutions working to identify working to identify and stop the cycle of violence.

Imparted training to 250 RTO Inspectors in :-

  • Comprehensive Disaster Risk Reduction Strategies
  • Accident Reduction Enforcement Strategies

Training of Nashik Rural Police in Response and Rescue Operations in case of any Natural or Man-made Mishap during events of mass scale gatherings at Trimbakeshwar Temple and Shri Saptshrungi God temple.

Project on “ Sexual Harassment of Women & Students at Workplace’’ at Sandip Foundation which has around 2500+ Women students and Staff & Establishing Reporting Mechanisms .

Formation of Special Action Team (SAT Commandos)of Solapur Rural Police at Pandharpur for Ashadhi Ekadashi Wari and training them in Crowd Management , Maneuvering, Quick Evac. & Rescue Ops.

Training of Gamma Commandoes from Solapur Rural Police Personnel in Sabotage , Traffic Management and effective Communication and Crisis Defusion. They have the role of accompanying the biggest Palkhis from their Source till Pandharpur during Ashadhi Ekadashi Wari.

Training of School and College students in First Response and Emergency Management.

Planning and Implementation of “ Zero Tolerance-Safe Highway Pilot” being run at Mumbai -Nashik Expressway Ltd (MNEL) section of NH-03

Administering Road Safety Advocacy and Training in Educational Institutions at Nashik District in collaboration with MoRTH India.

Raising Road Safety consciousness among the Road users and Stakeholders at Nashik District in collaboration with MoRTH India.

Collaborated with Ministry of Internal Security, Government of Jamaica for Citizen Security and Justice Programme (CSJP) under Urban Crime and Violence Prevention Programme.

Ex -ante Disaster Management activities pertaining to Crowd Management for Shree Saptashrungi Niwas Devi Trust(Nashik District, Maharashtra)

  • Entrusted with the Crowd Management(Ex - ante Disaster Management) for the Shree Saptashrungi Niwas Devi Trust,Nashik. The entire project is divided into four phases that includes Planning, Sourcing, Training , and Implementation.
  • First Planning phase has already finished.