Because Every Life Matters.

Traffic Violations and their effects and Road accidents prevention skills. Around 3150 children age 3 to 15 are killed or seriously injured on Indian road every year; this is almost 60 children per week.

We follow the guidelines proposed by World Health Organization (WHO) in bringing down the fatalities in Road Traffic Incidents and this has helped us in formulating many Modules and interventions for both Road Traffic Incident prevention as well as reducing the response time considerably in case of any mishap. This has helped us save many lives on our stretch due to combined efforts of all the stakeholders, majorly HSP.

India, ranks 1st in the number of road accident deaths across the 199 countries reported in the World Road Statistics, 2018 followed by China and US. As per the WHO Global Report on Road Safety 2018, India accounts for almost 11% of the accident related deaths in the World.

National Highways which comprise of 1.94 percent of total road network, accounted for 30.2 per cent of total road accidents and 35.7 per cent of deaths in 2018. State Highways which account for 2.97% of the road length accounted for 25.2 percent and 26.8 percent of accidents and deaths respectively.

Road accidents cost India 3-5% of gross domestic product every year, and are avoidable if India could improve its roads and city planning, train its drivers better, and enforce traffic laws properly.

India’s young, productive population, aged 18-45 years, is involved in 70% of road accidents, according to data from Road Accidents in India 2018, a report published by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. Over a period of 24 years from 2014 to 2038, if India could halve the deaths and injuries due to road traffic, its GDP could increase by 7%, [Source :World Bank ]