What We Did So Far.

Currently we are associated with the Nashik City Police and Nashik Rural Police in Urban Crime & Violence Prevention Program in which School based Crime, Community Based Crime & Violence Prevention plays a major part. School violence prevention efforts are an important part of a comprehensive community safety strategy as there is a strong connection between School violence, Community wellbeing and Social capital. In fact School Violence is a subset of Community Crime and Violence. As a result, increased levels of school violence may result in increased levels of overall crime and violence in the community. Educators can assist the network of institutions working to identify and stop the cycle of violence.

Students are the future citizens of the society they live in. The way we work on our present students today will decide what they become in the future .If we do not guide them when they need our guidance ,they get mislead and become vulnerable to many risks such as bad company, bad habits which lead them towards crime . This is how the crime rate increases and then we wonder why crime is increasing in the city.